Saturday, 19 April 2014


Two Finger Teddy and his Two Tone Boyz work the markets on the outskirts of the Bazzar Incomparable.  They do a good job of 'protecting' their area, are quite popular with the less well off locals, and are on the lookout for many residents that would normally be off the radar of the administratum of Denethix.

Two Finger Teddy (T5) aka "That Two Faced Mother Fu....r!"

They are relatively well known around their home neighborhood for their charasmatic demeanors, don't-fuck-with-us spunk, sense of honour and their 'word', and also in no small part for the well known street parties they hold where they employ musicians from the swamps of the deep south, who are known for a hypnotic rhythm-driven music called 'Skar'; parties which are known to attract a significant number of activists from the student quarter in addition to locals.

Left to rightBack Row: Baby Face A1, Sweet Eddy T3, Pelvis Easley T1, Buck Norrick F2, Mac Boy T3, Kicks Stewart T2
Front Row: Dopey T1, Pretty Boy T2 and Joe Ninety% T1

Baby face is known to be twisted and is kept on a short leash by his older brother Sweet Eddy, who is the treasurer.  The day to day protection is run by Pelvis, Buck Norrick, and Mac Boy.  It is said that Buck Norrick is so tough he doesn't need to carry weapons, and that Kicks Stewart once killed a man with a jumping turning hook kick to the head* Those looking for a quick buzz usually visit Dopey, who has a line on some legal but dodgy hafnium and pipe-weed.  Pretty Boy usually accompanies Teddy for both his diplomatic tact and willingness to smash someone's face in, and lastly, seemingly the odd one out, Joe 90% is a student at the Academy and also has a friend in the Scientists.

They run low level protection rackets, hook up deals, sell semi-licit materials, and sometimes come by stuff which has fallen off the back of a cart. They are all locals, and are focused on their 'hood and not expansionistic.

Normally they wear leather backed coats and stylish sturdy expensive shoes, and carry daggers, switchblades, or billy clubs (which they lovingly refer to as 'enforcers'). They have also been spotted with crowbars, crossbows and Teddy carries a revolver.

Teddy is reputed to have been burned while setting fire to an adversary as punishment, although the more perceptive will wonder how that explains the strange eye he now has.  It is a lessor known rumour that he is responsible for the death of at least one agent of the Council of Proper Apportionment.

*The dude in the photo totally reminds me of an old d&d friend and martial arts buddy, B. Stewart, who to this day has very sneaky hard-to-see-coming devastating head kicks.