Monday, 25 August 2014

Building The Viper - Oberon Martell 5e Background

Oh yes, I am very smooth.
There was a discussion about how to build The Viper on G+ today with +Nathan Panke +Anthony Emmel +Erik Westmarch +Scott Corbeil and +Axel Castilla .  

I think in he Oberon Martell is a high level fighter,with a high dexterity and charisma, and a preference for finesse weapons.  In 5e advancement he would take dueling first,and two handed style next.  In my game he would be about six or seventh level,but that's lab lord with level ten as a cap.  I digress, here's my background.


(Specifically Oberon Martell, The Viper).

Skills:  Poisoner's Kit. Riding.

Feature:  Treat a spear as a finesse weapon* when not wearing heavy armour**. by

treating it as finesse weapon you simulate his fighting style in the show without needing

any additional mechanics or benefit.

You are big and slow, I will kill you.

Personality:  Passionate. 

I am a Prince of Dorn after all 

Ideal:  To experience all of life's pleasures.  "Excess leads to the palace of wisdom"  

And he said "hey baby, take a walk on the wild side".

Bond:  To avenge his murdered relatives

Of course someone has to die my friend

Flaw:  Hubris (overconfident).  "Is that all you've got?" (or perhaps arrogance)

Hmmmm,heavy armour and a big STR and CON please.

*using the spear one-handed with duelling (3-8, i.e. d6+2) will do the same 

damage as two handed (3-8, i.e. d8 reroll 1s and 2s) so it won't break things here.

**Should this include medium too?