Thursday, 20 August 2015

"SO SHINEY, SO CHROME!" War Boys for Labyrinth Lord / OSR

Requirements:  None (low wisdom is common)
Prime requisite:  Dexterity
Saving throws:  Fighter
Weapons:  Any
Armour:  Light only
Attack as:  Cleric
Hit points: as Cleric
XP: as Cleric


"I'm Tha Driva!"
+1 initiative to vehicle combat.

Wheels and Motaz Thinkun.
Tinker like skill as hear noise for thief of the same level - specifically for getting more out of cars.


"So Shiny, So Chrome!"
A number of times per day equal to half level round up. +1 hit and damage and advantage on save verse fear.  Lasts until momentum broken.

"I live! I die! I Live again!"  
The Warboy throws caution to the wind with an all out attack.  Hit and damage mechanics as backstab for thief of the same level, but it does not require surprise.  However, due to the compromising nature of the manoeuvre, something bad and obvious happens on a miss by four or more and save vs death on a 1. (Stacks with So Shiney So Chrome)

Equipment:  Boys Lance

A javelin with a flask of oil on the end that explodes instead of burns. 2d4 blast to 5ft radius.

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