Monday, 9 December 2013

SESSION 4 Part ii – Welcome to Alpha Complex:  We're all so happy.

(The current adventure is an Alpha Complex themed reskin of the excellent one-page adventure Robot Clown Doctor Apocalypse  found here and this first person retelling goes a little into session 5 for completeness of the story).

Nick:      Cybella - Magic User 1
Syam:    Brychan - Fighter 1;   Celegorm - Elf1.
Telfer:    Maredud - Thief 1.
Michael Pelegost - Cleric 1  (Calina of the Twelve Annihilations)
Teresa  Phokus - Cleric 1 (Frig - Gluttony and Rutting);   Velegerd - Theif 1.

Oh Timmy, I do so hope some fooli.. brave adventurers find us soon, I very much miss mummy and daddy.
Once we had finished our search of the room and these strange under dwelling people we gathered ourselves and headed back into the maze of strange corridors to find Miss Elizabeth.  Cybella  claimed the white and red pistol, she seems to consider that any  weapon we find is hers by right of being a collector.  We have compromised, Cybella has taken the white pistol and Brychan has the red one.  I don’t think she realises just how close Brychan came to flipping out when she tried to claim both of the pistols, time will tell, and we are ever aware that using magic leads to megalomania so are careful eye on that one I think.

While searching the one called the high programmer we found a single-sheet map the size of a small book sized covered in a stiff clear coating that showed that the complex was roughly diamond shaped and that we had explored about one third of it so far.  We headed to another area on the map that indicated structures looking for the girl, choosing to circumvent a corridor which contained three large metal automatons festooned with a deadly looking array of tools and devices of various kinds.  They were hard at work with some kind of construction or maintenance and we thought it best to leave them alone. 

We found the complex and entered.  There were a few smaller rooms off to the side of an obviously larger chamber.  We could tell by the double door we entered through which had matching double doors on the other side.  We took the side door and found ourselves in some kind of rest or recreation area.  This led into a workshop area that had a number of doors leading off it and a spiral staircase at the other end. 

One door had a symbol on the door so we investigated that.  Confident there were no traps we opened the door, to a loud bang and an explosion of some sort of orange gas.

Maredud and Brychan inhaled the gas and Brychan because maddened, attacking his friends before he was subdued by Cybella’s magic.  We examined the room and found three medical looking syringes.  They had strange markings, one with a black skull, one with the dotted outline of a man, and the third with a happy face on it.  We thought they might be valuable and took them.  We heard steps behind us coming down the stairs and a voice, apparently having discovered us upon investigating the noise exclaimed “oh no man, this is seriously not happy!”

Turning we saw a man dressed similar to those we had encountered previously, but this one was wearing orange.  He ran back up the spiral stairs and we chased him up and into a room full of equipment covered in levers and buttons. The room had a large window looking out over an amphitheater, they likes of which I have only seen in Denethix where the plays or fights are staged.  We subdued the man, tying him up.  

Out the window we could see four others in the amphitheater.  Three (two oranges and a yellow!) were administering to someone retrained in a chair facing a large screen on which images of happy people and violence flickered.

We didn't get much out of this one.

With all the lights facing in towards the middle they did not notice us taking up position around the amphitheater, and we took down the yellow with crossbows figuring that was the leader.  The other two, a man and a woman ran.  We chased them and Brychan cut off their exit.  A furious fight ensued, but we were more numerous, and better armed and armoured.  Brychan was knocked out by a viscous blow to the head, and it was to our relief that the weapon was a black rubber truncheon and not something more lethal.  We tried one of the pills and he seemed to perk up a bit.

In the chair was a non-responding figure in a black tunic (I think these are the lowest rank or class) with a helmet over their head from which protruded a bunch of wires leading back into the chair.  We left him there.  Needing rest, we went back up to what the orange guy had called the ‘control room’ and made camp for the night – or what we thought was night as we were tired.

The following day we got what information we could out of the orange guy, who said his name was Jon-O-Tan.  He told us that this was a secret experiment facility working on ways to give the armed forces a happiness advantage over the other service groups and that he came from a place called Alpha Complex.  This meant little to us, but we figured the ‘armed services’ must be similar to the fist.  When we made to leave, we checked hi bonds so he couldn’t escape and raise the alarm against us before we had found Elizabeth. 

When he realised we intended to leave him tied up there he begged us not to, insisting that no one else knew about this place and that if we left him here tied up we were sentencing him to a slow death.  The PCs agreed that they would take him with them and let him go once they were outside.  He agreed to behave if it meant saving his life, and we undid the bonds on his legs but left his hands tied and moved on.  Leaving the amphitheater of happiness we ran into Fokus outside, who had followed us down having recovered from his latest bender.

Delving deeper we can upon another corridor in which there were more but different metal machines working.  They seemed to be powerful machines so again we avoided them, naming the ‘substantial abuse bots’ because they looked like they could take a lot of punishment.
We came to another door.  This one had a plaque outside with some symbols on it, but no one knew what they meant.  We were careful at the door and when we opened it we saw what could only be a factory of some sort.  There was a metal floored mezzanine, and further in a wider space filled with metal gantries and machines suspended over what looked like large circular tanks of liquid in various shades of clear to brown. The place stank.  We took no heed of the brown mud covering the floor immediately inside the door and entered; a mistake which proved fatal for the Elf.

Once we were all inside a ‘schlupping’ sound came from behind us.  We turned to see the brown mud forming into a mound about four feet high, with a bright yellow ‘eye’ forming at the top.  The eye brightened and a keening whine rose before a blindingly bright energy bolt ripped from what we have dubbed the ‘poo monster’ which seared the Elf’s flesh from his skull.
Crossbow bolts were loosed, I remember not by whom, and when they seemed to find purchase Brychan let out a war cry and charging the creature cleaved it in twain with a mighty blow, the result of which was the muck falling back to the floor with a ‘sploshing’ sound.  Thinking the better of continuing in this room, we exited, figuring if Miss Elizabeth was in here she would either have heard us, or was already beyond saving.

The corridors seemed endless.  Up, down, left, right, we explored.  I cannot recall exactly the sequence of events subsequent to the Elf’s death, perhaps I was in shock.  We found three other sub-complexes.  One was a similar door to the water factory; we opened the door, inside machines were dipping human shaped statues into steaming vats of primary coloured viscous liquid, which seemed to coat the figures as they were pulled out.  We shouted for Elizabeth, but did not explore further, weary of our recent loss.

We came to an area where the moving floors seemed to converge, and were at first weary of getting trapped in there with no easy way out.  We experimented a bit with moving the wrong way up one of the moving staircases and found that with some effort the stronger members of the party could charge up there, and they could assist the others with a rope.  Knowing we could get back out we headed into the hub area.

Following a moving floor that had a smaller one next to it piled with some of the most interesting garbage I have ever seen we came to another door where all the moving floors and stairs converged.  This had a simple circular handle set in, and there was a small moving conveyor alongside the landing before the door which carried detritus through a small slot.  This proved too small to look through effectively but the strong stench of decay could certainly get out!

Taking the normal precautions we opened the door.  A short set of steps was laid before us, heading into a large room filled with mounds of garbage.  Some members took the time to spy out the contents of the room before heading in.  Once in there they spotted a little girl curled up in the far corner apparently asleep, accompanied by a small dog.

Maredud chose to examine the doorway before entering, and found a device on the back of the door which seemed contrived in such a way as to shut the door behind the last person to enter.  No wonder Miss Elizabeth was trapped, it was lucky for us that he was on his game that day!  The girl we assumed was Elizabeth awoke when the dog started barking at us.  We called to her and started into the chamber, but it soon because clear that it was not us the dog was barking at as many crab like creatures the size of the dog started appearing out of the garbage.

We still do not know why the girl had been spared, perhaps she had not made much noise, perhaps the creatures were after something bigger, or maybe the dog had scared the creatures off but we weren’t sticking around to find out.  We waited for Elizabeth to get out and conducted a fighting retreat back up the steps before closing the door on the ‘crabs’ which were swarming up the steps.

The map we had got from the High Programmer showed that there was still some way to go to the bottom, but having found the reason for coming down, and having lost two friends already we decided to get out.  Taking the most direct route we could, and careful to avoid the machines we had seen previously we made our way to the top.

When we got back up to the entry chamber the exit door was closed.  A panel slid back in the wall revealing a smallish god’s eye that had a red symbol of a box with an eye in it on a black background; Neither Pelgost nor Fokus knew of any orbital god fitting the description.  It appeared to be looking right at us.  A machine like voice told us that it was ‘The Computer’ and it was dedicated to our happiness, encouraging us to stay.  It also informed us not to leave the chamber, relating that a public management platoon had been dispatched to ensure a joyful and seamless orientation and induction into the happy halls of Alpha Complex.  Jon-O-Tan was ordered to make us stay, and when he refused, the ‘computer’ ordered the rest of us to execute the traitor Jon-O-Tan (who totally freaked out).

Happiness awaits all who shall enter. Insanely happy, really, you better be, or... or else we will make you happy.
Having got the door open again, we made a hasty exit and got away from the door as quickly as we could.  At this point we cut Jon-O-Tan’s bonds and told him he was free to go.  He was terrified and kept looking up at the sky like he expected it to fall.  Again he pleaded with us not to leave him, and seeing an opportunity, Cybella made him a proposition to serve as her assistant/bodyguard and he agreed.  We were very keen to avoid finding out what a ‘public management platoon’ was so we got out of there and headed back to Lugosi.

Here we list those brave adventurers who have been tested and found wanting (more hit points).

NAME                          CLASS/LEVEL        PLAYER                SESSION           HOW

Dode Enemy-Breaker    D1                           Nick                        2                      Fell into a pit trap.

Fighter guy                   F1        `                  Telfer                     3                        Throat torn outby Pretender.

Mike’s Wizard              MU1                       Mike                       4                              Shot through the back                                      by ‘High Programmer’ with a high intensity laser while carrying 8 flasks of oil in backpack.

Syam’s Elf                    E1                          Syam                       4                             Face burned off by                                           energy bolt from nano-poo-monster in water recycling plant.



  2. Poor Phokus...keeps getting distracted by his offerings to his goddess. He might be a worthy part of the crew one day...before he gets killed. :D

  3. High fives to the DM and all the players! I love how you used the ideas in my one-page dungeon and absolutely brought it to life!

    1. I'm really happy that you liked what I did with it FITJ. I've largely been running my game with 'found' resources and when I was looking for adventures to have ready your jumped out at me. I'm a fan of Paranoia from way back, and when I read your adventure it screamed Alpha Complex to me. Thankyou for making it available I really enjoyed running it, and my players had a really good time.