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Denizens of Lugosi: One Tooth Mary

Where we get to meet the character's early patron, One Tooth Mary, and understand her role in Lugosi.

PISTOLE VERNON:  "Sure Mrs, I can 'elp you out.  That woman in the booth over there, go and say hello.  Her name is Mary, but some call her One Tooth Mary, just don't ask her how she got one tooth".

Later in game, in a night of passion with Cybella, Vernon revealed a little of Mary's background. She was once a widely feared assassin in Denethix, one of the deadliest blades for hire in the land.

He told how there are rumors that she once went by the alias of Black Jenny* and was cursed by a Vampire.  Hints were made that the curse resulted in her growing fangs, and aging (loosing two levels at least!), yet in her older age she would now age slower.

One Tooth Mary.  An imaculately executed self portrait of unknown age.  I got this image from a favourite blog of mine, Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque

Further insight into her background and name are gleaned from hints and rumors which involve a pair of pliers and an intoxicant fueled rage of self loathing.

To date Mary has appeared helpful to the PCs, paying good gold for treasure, and being a good source of leads.

One source of intrigue however is that when asked whether she new any wizards, she said she didn't,but was obviously uncomfortable and the players came to the conclusion that she was not only lying, but that she seemed momentarily afraid of whatever thought the question had prompted.  I rolled the 'doesn't know appears afraid' reaction on a table in the Vornheim supplement and so came up with a reason to explain.

What the players don't know is:  Highlight to read unless you're one of my players, in which case just don't, it's more fun if you don't know.

Highlight from here:

Mary does know a wizard.  A wizard who was once a fellow adventurer who fell in with the Cult of Starry  Wisdom.  Mary is scared of this guy, and it is this mad wizard to whom she has reluctantly passed the Armillary retrieved by the PCs from the Prison of the Hated Pretender*. What this also means is that the Cult of Starry Wisdom now have an astronomical divination device, mwah ha ha ha....
End Highlight.

We get to see some of the action side of Mary at the upcoming Festival of Fangs game sessions (when the PCs return to Lugosi from the Obelisk to pick up supplies, and use the festival to recruit henchmen - coming soonish!).  Mary, plus two fellow assassin types return late to Bellas, there are panting and Mary is bleeding.  Write ups for that are a few sessions away.

Shady assistant number one.  A youthful femme fatale, she exudes menace and sex.  Her Jacket is made of tough high quality leather and the beaded front piece adds to the protection (leather). She carries a rapier at her side and has a number of throwing knives among her adornments.

Shady assistant number two.  This tall silent type is wearing a cloak which partially conceals the long slim bladed two handed sword slung over his back, but doesn't conceal the dead look in his eyes.  A pistol crossbow hangs at his side.

Curiously, and reinforcing the Twin Peaks Black Lodge vibe at Bellas, Mary's constant assistants (introduced at the first meeting and encountered a few times since) are a trio of near-identicalb small bald men in suits of slightly different cuts in matching brown corduroy.

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