Friday, 16 October 2015

Denezins of the 1000 Towers. Wiley Bunn.

There are few true vampires in the Land of 1000 Towers but this is one.  Not as powerful as the vampire of Lugosi, but enough to test an unwary party of adventurers, this creature can be encountered wandering the more inhabited jungles to the west of denethix, sometimes mumbling to someone called Riley, more often passing like a ghost.

No one knows how old this degenerate curmudgeon is.  It certainly does not know itself, and remebers little of the countless lifetimes it has endured.  It does know that once great cities housed millions of bloodbags and if one got too hot you could move to another.

What it also knows is how to survive.

Nosferatu by

Wiley Bunn, Level Five Nosferatu Archetype Vampire.
Created using the rules here.

STR 11
DEX14 +1
CON 10
INT 14
WIS 14 +1
CHA 6 -1

Hit Points: 22
Armour Class: 8
To hit bonus +5 (+strength)
Save as Fighter5

Beast Senses  (The Beast 1)
Pass Without Trace (Stealth 1)
Doppelganger (Monster 1)
Strength (Monster 2)
Invisibility (Stealth 3)

Mallet (treat as warhammer)
Rusty old revolver which 25% will backfire.
A ball of string made from different strings tied together.  Claims he's holding it for a friend.

For Jared, happy birthday buddy.

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