Thursday, 22 October 2015

Lamentations of the Flame Princess Is A Waste of Space Apparently

On Monday a poster at Dragonsfoot wrote:

"I don't like the LotFP material but only because the entire ethos stinks and the writing is appalling. I think horror is an aspect of fantasy to be explored with subtlety and cleverness in the manner of Lovecraft but the adolescent gore grenades of LotfP remnd me of the Hostel franchise, ie very stupid rubbish.

What do you think of the LotfP product?

Are you glad that D&D gamers don't have much respect for LotFP ?"

Now that's a pretty bold statement, especially when it is largely unqualified.  What stinks about the ethos? If it is so irrelevant then why start the thread?  The very fact that the thread exists shows that LotFP is relevant in the D&D world.

What you mean is that you don't like it, and ironically, the very thing you say is missing, i.e. subtlety and cleverness, IS usually the main ingredient needed to survive an LotFP adventure (and often lacking is most D&D adventures which can usually be solved with violence).

As for the impact on the OSR, according to that thread it has had none; to which I wonder "How did this lot end up in my living room?".

It seems quite clear that LotFP is irrelevant.

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