Wednesday, 19 February 2014


(I haven't got the next session report ready yet so here) HAVE SOME LOOT

Protein Power Pills (red ones).  An Alpha Complex staple; you can only get by on recycled food and soylent red (what is your security clearance?!) for so long.  Come in (red) boxes of ten.  Rog-R-ger and Ram-R-Jet swear by them.  Game effect:  Heal 1hp of damage (and maybe +1 to save verses disease).

Radios.  Two old valve radios similar to the one that used to sit on your grandparent’s mantle piece.  A PC with knowledge of design might be able to tell that these do not fit with the design approach exhibited by the other items from down the hole. The right person could rig these up for point to point communications.  

Belt Buckle - Personal Shield:  Provides a protective force field which also scrambles ‘field effects’.  Game effect:  As a Ring of Protection +2 (+2 AC and Saves).

Red Laser Pistol.  A very basic red coloured frame with a detachable red barrel.  The barrel has six bands on it, one of which becomes a darker shade each time it is fired.  Six shots.  Game effect:  1d6 damage, as ASE laser pistol. Attached barrel has three shots left, spare barrel has six.

Totally borrowed this from this paranoia play by post.

White laser pistol.  As for red but coloured white.  This white version is higher power and only available to ‘High Programmers’.  Game effect:  1d6 damage.  Reduces armour by three.  Attached barrel has four shots left.

Three syringes (potions):  three hi-tech looking syringes with orange coloured bands on them.  All have pictograms.  A happy face (Hypnotism), a skull (Control Undead) and a dotted human outline (Invisibility).

Stun Baton.  A large orange rubber ‘baton’ with metal inlay at the business end.  Game effect: 1d4 damage (non lethal) and if the activation button is pressed save verses paralysation or be stunned for 1d4+1 rounds.  Could have up to 20 charges, but this one has only d4+1.

Armour Tunics.  All wear as leather armour but have the following armour classes:
  • Red - AC8
  • Orange or Yellow - AC7
  • White - AC6*
*As tempting as it was to make the white even better, and the orange worse to accommodate green, blue, indigo, and violet, I wasn't ready to give the first level party what would effectively be a suit of leather +3.  So AC6 it is.  Besides, it's just daywear right.