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SESSION 7 - A Change of Heart and a Cliff Hanger.
(The adventurers leave Denethix and return to Lugosi to take Dawn up on her offer.)

Nick:  Cybella - Magic User 1
Syam:  Brychan - Fighter 1.
Telfer:  Maredud - Thief 1.
Michael: Pelegost - Cleric 1  (Calina of the Twelve Annihilations)
Theresa:  Fokus – Cleric 1 (Frig of Gluttony and Rutting), Velegerd – Thief 1.


As we join the PCs they have arrived in Denethix, done a bit of shopping and now the’re tired.  The majority go to a middle of the road inn, while Pelegost splashes 150gp at the Inn of Alabaster Surprise, as an act of annihilation to Calina and has the night of his life.  

In the morning the PCs want to go shopping again.  They’re sure that if they hang around the markets long enough I will give tem some special treasure.  Well I have just the thing actually,  Gus’ table of ‘magic items’ for adventurers to waste money on.  

The players were offered the Wasp Gun, Druag's Spine, and the Thunder Stick.  There was no way they could afford the thunder stick, but paid 300 for Druag’s Spine from beyond the Lanthanide Wastes and 110 for the freaky Wasp Gun from somewhere called the Psychonian Chaos Wilds. 

Druags Spine is the skull and spine of a humanoid with sharp canines.  For this necromantically powered weapon the skull and spine have been reinforced with metal rods.  It is still ‘alive’ and can be swung to bite foes.  It is mechanically the same as a flail.  As it says in the description on the table, ‘Very Metal’.

The Wasp Gun is a weird compact wasp hive of three inch wasps attached to a large pistol like frame with a power cell, that fly/shoot out and attack foes for damage when the rigger is pulled – mechanics as a light crossbow - awesome.

The Trader was initially friendly and told them he had heard ta the battles out on the lower Certopsian was The Fist fighting an army of normally non-expansionist tribesmen led by a hardcore of militaristic Snakemen! And that they had some dinosaurs.  Cybella weary of the Wasp Gun now that her player had guessed nothing on this table was a ‘super weapon’ quite aggressively warned the trader that she would be back if it didn't work as sold.  The trader had a fellow a marketeer witness his word bond that he would return some of the price if it was returned non-functional (he wanted the money) but he didn't seem as friendly anymore.

The players then decided that they wanted to leave Denethix and take up the offer to assist Dawn, the young lady back in Lugosi who wants her grandmother’s heirlooms back.  So they leave Denethix and head back to Lugosi.

In the middle of the day, when the sparse farms outside Denethix have given warn to the dead flat, a hex of dead flat land covered in shallow craters or pools.  The water therein is of a wide range of colours and can change with the clouds.  The edges of many of these pools and mini-lakes are often crusted small crystal deposits.  Leaving the dead hex they enter a forest, and rolling a ‘1’ for an encounter we consult the Good Clean Country Violence table and get:

A young Denethix/Lugosi woman in a torn dress stumbles out of the forest, a confused look on her face.  Seeing the PCs her face snarls into a muzzle and she runs in to attack.  She takes a bite at Pelegost but misses, and having rolled “50% in a ‘bite and run mood’” then takes off into the woods on the other side of the road, and jumps and yelps as Maredud puts a silver crossbow bolt into her back just before she disappears from view into the trees.

Relieved no one was bitten the finish the journey to Lugosi.

Meanwhile back in Lugosi, Fokus, Paragon of Frig, the Orbital God representing Gluttony and Rutting has finished his latest bender, but this time Vernon is annoyed, and we suspect the Fokus may not be able to remember just how far he went.  Valegerd, Fokus’s henchman is also seemingly unimpressed with his employer’s behavior and failing a morale role decides to quit. As Velegerd is leaving Dawn the well to do farmer’s daughter from session 6* comes in and approaches Fokus, and after buttering him up with the whole “Are you an Adventurer?” line then asks him for his help.  He has just agreed to help when the rest of the PCs arrive, and together they all agree to mount a journey to the Obelisk to retrieve Dawn’s grandmothers heirloom items.  

To convince the party a scroll of identify is bargained, which immediately gets their cooperation.  Vernon is pleased that the rest of the PCs are here and that they will be taking Fokus away for a while.

They book a suite for the night, and talking to Vernon and Mary discover that a bunch of cultists following an Orbital God named Furter had booted out the other orbital god aspects from the grounds of the Obelisk which has traditionally been served by many.  The also inform the PCs about a place to stop, Southdeep, which though marked on the map is difficult to find without knowing the landmarks that mark the beginning of the road to Southdeep.    

Successfully locating the marker bluff for the not so obvious Southdeep path, they set off along the path though the woods. After a couple of hours the travelers are a little surprised  as the trees give way to the edge of massive shallow sinkhole, two hundred metres across.  A road winds down, and at the bottom is a fissure.  Caves dot the road down, and in many instances buildings are built into the face of the earth.  There is some light industry or small mining operations, and there is some evidence of mining spoil off to one less used sides of the crater.

They visit the Subterraininn and find a nice nook near a bunch of happy/angry Halfling miner/bikers decked out in well worn working leathers, straps and buckles (Effectively all studded leather).   The Halflings are friendly and relate to the characters that refugee pilgrims have fled the Obelisk and had passed through here.  The Halflings are drinking and arguing and having an ambiguously good/bad dysfunctional sort of time.

Not so much 'leather, straps and buckles' but you get the idea.

Half the characters get rooms at the Inn. Pelegost and Cybella decide to stay in one of the public domain caves down below.

When they have chosen their cave, well away from the fissure, Pelegost, Cybella, Jon-O-Tan receive a vist from a number of men and women at arms.  Corporal Xavar of the Fist is here on secondment and Sherrif Irena and her ‘friends here’ are the law around Southdeep.  They let the PCs know that they are welcome to stay the night, but if anything comes out of the fissure they must raise the alarm, and that if they do stay down here they must move on in the morning. The PCs agree and an uneventful night is passed, with Pelegost performing his usual midnight prayer of annihilation for the annihilation of the day.

Moving on the next day the path south takes them back to the road, and they journey until they can just see the top of a structure above the woods far far in the distance that they arrive at the junction where the path to the grounds of the Obelisk begin.  The area is wooded in old twisty trees and has very low hills, through which the path winds.  The woods are dense and dark by the time the come to a small clearing, and there, stretching up high above the trees is te Obelisk.  To the side of the path are statues of Bezonaught, Furter and Delphina (download this module if you want to see the picture).

A little further on the come to the entrance.  They decide to wait and listen at the edge of the woods, at the low escarpment to the right.  Maredud hears something, and the agree that he should sneak off into the dark woods and see what it was.  Maredud hears muttering, and sees a figure. 

He also hears Jon-O-Tan moving into the woods behind him, and as he sights the back of a figue in a hooded green cloak wearing armour underneath and sneaks up behind with his crossbow.  He decides to shoot it in the back for the first backstab attempt of the campaign and rolls a ‘2’ or something.

The quarrel wizzes past the figure’s ear and thuds into a tree right in front of it.  Starteled realisation turns into action, and the copper scale mail clad figure turns, it is gaunt, pale, has blackened bones for fingers where the flesh has rotted and the face has been partially chewed away around the mouth which is also black with decay.

It fixes it’s full malevolence on Maredud and it hisses “Well well, what ‘ave we got ‘ere then?”

...with it getting late I played Maredud’s encounter for full effect and ended the session, with the first level thief facing down a scary ass thing, solo!

*This was a recent edit to Session-6.

LOSSES:  Valegerd the Thief, ahem, ‘resigns’.
GAINS:      Some cool gear.

Here we list those brave adventurers who have been tested and found wanting (more hit points).
Dode Enemy-Breaker, Dwarf-1,  Session2,  Fell into a pit trap.
Fighter guy,  F1,  Session3,  Throat torn out by Pretender.
Mike’s Wizard,  MU1,  Session4,  Shot in back with laser while carrying 8 flasks of oil in his backpack.

Syam’s Elf, E1,  Session4,     Face burned off by energy bolt from nano-poo-monster in water recycling plant.

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