Sunday, 10 May 2015

GRIMMEST IMPERIUM a quick hack test for WHITE STAR

Just a little something I whipped up to hack test the new OSR Sci Fi game 'White Star'. The game is based on the Swords and Wizardry Whitebox, itself derived from the original three little brown books that were the 1974 OD&D.

Now to start playing with it, a quick hack (honestly finding pictures took longer) of a popular setting featuring a dark future of humanity somewhere between 30k and 50k years from now.



Requirements:  None.

As Mercenary

These guys are plentiful and represent all types of warriors from the vastness of the Dark Fated Imperium, including outlaws, pirates, mercenaries, backwater armies, monastic warrior priests, private security or enforcers as well as from the ranks of the Emperor's Guard (the general imperial army).

Many many many soldiers and warriors of all kinds fill this class.  You might die a lot, but the low level adversaries will wither before you.  


Requirements: Int 12, Wis 13

As Star Knight but no Star Swords, gain use medium armour instead.

Found at Dakka Dakka.  I believe this is someone's Rogue Trader character.  Always nervous about letting these ones roam the ship.


Requirements  Int 14, Wis 13

Class as Alien Mystic.

A Royal Seer.  He usually stays on Board, except for the really important big-shot receptions.  


Requirements:  Thief - no requirements.

Class as Thief or Pilot

I think this dude would be totally cool with being a Space Pilot. Blaster pistol on the hip, hi tech studded vest for trouble.


Requirements:  Both Cha and Wis are desirable, but as these positions are as much circumstance as merit, there are no statistic requirements.

As Aristocrat.  

Add 'all armour' and also ‘flamers’ OR poisons at the cost of paying xp as fighter, i.e. 2000 vice 1500.  

Note wearing fully enclosed armour will interfere with many of the Aristocrat's abilities.  Many of those with access to power armour choose to wear it with the helmet off.

Lettered Privateer, ex Fleet, mono sword, bionic hand.
Cleric of Terra (Junya Watanabe)


 As Robot of all types. Combat restrictions are as for Aristocrats unless Combots.


 As Pilot.

By Selworks.

OPTIONAL CLASS:  EMPEROR’S ELITE (Sounds like ‘Place Machines’)

Requirements 14 Str, 12 Dex, 14 Con, 12 Int 
  • All weapons and armour, attack 1hd as Mercenary 'Combat Machine' ability.
  • +1 str bonus (to the bonus, not the attribute)
  • +1 all saves, advantage vs poison, disease death
  • +1hp per level
  • -1 damage reduction OR Regenerate 1hp per turn (10 minutes)
  • Natural weapon 1d4+str
  • Xp as ELF (is this enough?). The Emperor’s Elite only gain an xp bonus if Str, and Int are both 15 or more.
Note, these guys aren't usually just wandering around, and represent at least 100,000 to 'The Emperor' plus the power armour they are usually equipped with.

The Emperor's Elite represent the peak of bionic, genetic, and psychological conditioning, and are usually equipped with Rocket Guns and Emperor's Power Armour. Apparently this picture is Hulk's 'son'.  Yup.


Rocket Gun: Fires mini rocket propelled shaped charges. 2d6 (reroll 1s).Cost 15000. Some models have Burst Fire**.

Mindforce Sword. By expending a spell level, a Warranted Witch lucky enough to obtain one of these relics may increase damage by one dice per spell 'level' expended. Cost 50,000.

Emporer's Powered Armour, elites end specials only. 7 AC points, Damage reduction 1 (stacks), +1 str bonus (stacks), advantage on strength rolls and saves, invulnerable to airborne toxins, gasses etc. Cost 50,000

Volcano Gun, short range intense heat, ignores 4 point armour and 2 points damage reduction, 2d6 damage. Extremely Rare.

Plasma Gun, short range, ignores 2 points armour. All in beam with ac equal or worse than target hit are also hit. Very Rare

Energy Absorption Field: This device, often resembling ornate and heavy jewelry will absorb 2-40 points of damage each day. Extremely rare.


Usually Firearms and Rocket Guns. Burst fire laser weapons are rare. Burst fire uses 25% of a clip. Any damage left over after dropping a foe may be applied to a target adjacent to or behind the original target.