Tuesday 19 July 2016

THE REWIRED: Those 'Crazies', a b/x lablord PC Warrior Class



Call em 'The Crazed' or just plain old batshit insane, these lunatics are are certain class or warriors who have by surgery, conditioning, or engineering been rendered double-plus combat-survival ready, guaranteed not to crack under fire, to work as a highly syncronised aspergo-emoto combat unit, well, except that is perhaps in the mess que, parade ground, around children perhaps or whatever not so much however, what?



Liberal rearrangement of neural pathways, thought patterns and hormones through psychosurgery and psycho-conditioning (and in some instances cloning e.g Ariel Legion) has resulted in a superior warriors guaranteed to complete difficult missions as a highly coordinated team, not be batshit insane, and definitely not to answer back.  No I’m not. Rejects never end up working as solos.  You looking at me?

·         Will and Con
·         Attack:  As fighter
·         Hit dice:  Fighter
·         Save as Fighter
·         All weapons.
·         Heavy Armour
·         Base xp 4000


Class Features

o    Either STR or CON may be 16, the other may be 14
o    Neural rerouting - save verses death as a dwarf
o    More likely to sneak up on enemies as a ranger
o    +1 to attacks with either melee OR guns OR demolition/IED skill as 'hear noise' skill for a thief of the same level
o    Advantage on WIL saves, and 
             -At 2nd level gets a save verses sleep
             -At 4th level Impervious to pain and fear effects
o    +5 hp,
o    Speed +25%
o    Ain’t dead yet.  When at 0hp and the saving throw is made you may continue to act if you choose, each time you take damage you save again, and die at -10 regardless
o    Martial Arts.  Level1 - d6 damage, level4 2d6, level8 3d6 (+STR)
o    Drawback/Disadvantage:  Batshit insane
o    Special Defences/Advantage:  Batshit insane

o    Batshit insane BATGUY Option (you have to be mad to take it):  If the player chooses to be so batshit crazy that he avoids killing, then he may add +2 to all ‘to hit’ rolls and +2 damage with unarmed and blunt attacks and knock out as a monk



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